How To Play Violin

Clayton Haslop

When you want to know how to play violin, you must understand that there are many factors that contribute to being skilled at playing the violin. You will have to become familiar with each one of these factors to know how to play violin properly.

The violin instrument is held underneath the chin and rested on top of your shoulder.

There are some violin holding variations, but this way is the most commonly used way to hold the violin. When the violin is held correctly, generally the violin player is able to hold the violin without the use of their hands.

A key function of the left hand is to control the length of sound produced by the violin strings which is done by stopping your fingers against the fingerboard which will allow you to produce different sounding musical notes and sound pitches.

When learning how to play violin, a violin player wants to be able to correctly land their fingers in the correct positions. To achieve this, violinists may sometimes hum or sing the music in their mind.

Learning how to correctly land your fingers in the right places can take a lot of practice.

Many beginners who want to know how to play violin often use tape which is placed on the fingerboard of the violin. This allows them to be able to properly place their left hand fingers on the fingerboard.

A beginner violinist who is learning how to play violin will practice the finger placement skill by listening to the notes their playing to see if their in or out of tune. This helps them determine if their hand placement is correct.

The fingers are numbered from one to four in the low positions. The index finger is numbered 1, the middle finger is numbered two, the ring finger is three and the little finger is four.

The placement of the left hand on the violin fingerboard determines the named position. It is very common for beginner violin players to use first position. The other different positions on the violin include second position and third position.

The right arm and hand involves using the bow. Both the right hand and right arm are responsible for the quality of sound and rhythm produced. The way the bow is held by violin players is by putting their right thumb under the frog of the bow.

The middle and ring finger are then wrapped around the frog. These are just some of the basic factors involved in learning how to play violin.

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