Violin Teacher

If you want to learn violin and want a teacher who has years of experience with teaching violin, then you’ll be glad you landed on this page.

That’s because finding a good violin teacher from the start is important, so that you develop the correct habits early on into your violin playing experience.

One of the great violin instructors in the world today is master violin teacher Clayton Haslop. Clayton  has an impressive background when it comes to playing the violin.

He has played on the soundtracks for 1000’s of Hollywood movies.

Clayton  is recognized in the violin world as being the “first call” violinist to perform for movie soundtracks.

In the interim Haslop has traveled internationally both as a soloist and as a member of several recognized ensembles including the Los Angeles Piano Quartet, the New Hollywood String Quartet, and the Haslop/Sanders Duo (violin and guitar). Haslop has served as Concertmaster of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Los Angeles Music Center Opera, Dallas Opera, Santa Barbara Symphony, and several festival orchestras.

Clayton Haslop’s Online Video Violin Course

Clayton Haslop  has developed an online program where he has put all his years of knowledge, wisdom and priceless experience of teaching the violin into a jam packed series of online downloadable videos and Pdf files, which guide you every step of the way even if you have no prior experience with playing the violin.

His online video course is designed so that you can learn at your own pace and it is taught in language that you can easily understand and follow. Clayton’s priceless years of experience has lead to him to be able to accelerate the learning curve for people who want to learn how to play violin.

The system that violin teacher Clayton Haslop  has developed has been refined and tweaked through his many years of violin experience which means people can learn difficult pieces of music in a shorter amount of time.

This program is a great foundation for people of all ages and levels. The system can be applied to Classical, Rock, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass and more.

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