Learn To Play The Violin

Clayton Haslop

Before you can learn to play the violin you must make sure that you have the right size violin. Violins come in many different sizes catering for people of all ages. Violins are made for young children all the way up to adults. So before you learn to play the violin, measure the length of your arm.

The method used for correctly measuring your arm with regards to having the perfect violin for you is by measuring the distance from the middle of your left palm to your middle of your neck. Of course, your arm needs to be extended straight (not in a uncomfortable sense) when you are doing this measurement. Then you will find a violin size which suit your needs best.

When you find the right violin for you, you will soon know, as you learn to play the violin, how to correctly hold the violin, which is done with your arm and hand. The way the violin is held with the left arm which is at the neck of the violin, is by firstly making a V shape between the thumb and the index finger, with the rest of the fingers ever so slightly curled forward.

As you’re holding the violin your elbow should be in vertical alignment with the violin meaning that your elbow is directly under the violin and not to the side of the violin.

With regards to your left wrist, have it straight or curl it slightly back towards yourself. Just make sure the wrist does not touch the body of the violin instrument. These are the basic steps of holding the violin and you will learn that in more detail as you learn to play the violin.

The right arm is then occupied with the bow and has a different function in the sense of having more freedom and movement. On the right hand, gently place the thumb on the middle joint of the middle and ring finger. Then bend the thumb joint almost to a right angle with the tip of the thumb touching the joint of the middle and ring finger.

This is the general hand shape that will allow you to correctly hold the bow as you learn to play the violin.

Practice in front of the mirror often to see are you holding the violin correctly with the left and if you’re holding the bow correctly with the right hand. Overtime, as you learn to play the violin, this will develop into a natural skill.

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