Violin Beginner Lessons

Clayton Haslop

If you are a violin beginner, if you would like to learn how to play the violin in the comfort of your own home, then you be glad you landed on this violin beginner page!

That’s because these violin lessons are designed for people who have little or no prior experience with playing the violin.

Much of the information on how to learn violin is incomprehensible to people who do not have any violin and/or musical background.

Below you will find violin beginner lessons where you can learn about the important fundamental concepts of playing and learning the violin. These lessons will give you a basic understanding about how to play violin.

Here are some of the important golden nuggets that you will learn:

  • How to hold the violin in a way that allows you to perform at your best, in a way that feels natural and comfortable to you.
  • The various methods of how to tune your violin before you start playing. Many times tuning the violin correctly can be an aspect that is overlooked by beginners.
  • Violin posture and stance that allows you to perform at your best in a way that feels comfortable.
  • The functions of the left arm, hand and fingers which includes finger positioning on the fingerboard and holding the violin.
  • The concepts of how to use your right arm which holds the bow.

Take a look at these lessons below. They will help give you a basic foundation which will act as a platform so that you can learn more advanced aspects of playing the violin.

How to play violin

Inside this lesson you will learn the essential fundamentals of learning how to play violin and this will help you get an idea of what is involved in learning the violin.

Violin lesson on how to hold the violin

In this lesson you will learn the factors involved  with holding the violin, which includes the postures to adopt, stance and the placement of the violin under your chin and on your shoulder.

Learn to play the violin

This violin lesson will show you the various aspects with learning to play the violin which includes how to use your body and arms in achieving a good violin performance.

Tuning before you learn violin

Inside this page you’ll learn what’s involved in tuning your violin in order to produce the best possible sound and pitch from your violin. This page will show you the steps required in tuning your violin if you are a violin beginner.

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