Violin Lesson

Clayton Haslop

Violin Lesson On How To Hold The Violin

As you begin any violin lesson it is important that you learn how to hold the violin. Many violin players aim to have their posture erect while maintaining a naturally balanced stance that is comfortable and they try to keep their spine and neck straight. With each violin lesson, you will soon find a more comfortable position for yourself.

As the violin is held, the feet are shoulder width apart. The violin is then placed on the left shoulder and it should be pointing out towards the side. Then the head is turned to the left direction with the left jaw and chin lowered over the chinrest.

The violin should then able to be supported by the chin and shoulder alone without the need for using the hands. This allows the left hand to become free so that it can be used on the fingerboard to play different notes. With your first violin lesson you can practice this with an imaginary violin.

Ideally the shoulder and neck muscles should be as comfortable as possible while still having enough tension to be able to hold the violin with only the chin and shoulder.

You also want your arms to be able to move freely without tension so that you can use your fingers on the fingerboard with ease and so that you can have your right arm free for using the bow.

Many people who are starting out with a violin lesson will practice holding the violin with no hands for about 30 seconds at a time.

Another tip for this violin lesson is to hold the violin keeping your knees flexible and not locked in a straight position. This will allow you to absorb the waving movements of playing the violin.

You can sit down or stand while playing the violin. Just ensure that your posture is balanced and comfortable erect.

Being able to hold the violin properly will make your job much easier. Just make sure that when you are sitting down that you do not slouch over and keep your shoulders and hips in alignment with your feet flat on the ground.

With each and every violin lesson you will be able to hold your violin with more comfort and freedom, allowing you to progress to the other stages ready to learn more advanced techniques.

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